American Company Visit

Many FGLP groups request to visit a local business, research institution or public office during FGLP. We work hard to match this visit with the general interests of the groups and have brought groups to International Business Machines (IBM, technology) Mazor Robotics (medical technology) the Dana Farber Cancer Institute (DFCI, hospital and research) and Acentech (consulting firm, acoustics) to name a few.

During these visits groups have the opportunity to see how an American business operates, view their facilities and meet with staff.

This is a sample itinerary from a recent visit to IBM:
10:00-10:10: Meet and greet
10:10-10:30: Tour of offices and labs
10:30-11:00: Meeting in auditorium and video of IBM history
11:00-11:30: Q&A

If there is an office your group would like to visit while in Boston we will do all we can to accommodate this request.

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