FGLP Trip Leaders

Adz Group’s FGLP Trip Leaders come from a diverse number of backgrounds, experiences and professions. Yet, each excels in facilitating the best trip possible for our FGLP programs with their enthusiasm and love of cultural exchange, international education and building global partnerships. Some of our Trip Leaders have included Fulbright Scholars, Japan Exchange and Teaching Program (JET) alums and traveled ESL teachers. Together, each Trip Leader brings their area of expertise to share with FGLP participants. During our programs Trip Leaders are responsible for leading communication exercises, stimulating dialogue during activities, and ensuring that all program logistics run smoothly. We believe that every moment is a teaching moment, and both Trip Leaders and FGLP participants who complete our programs believe that they learn more about themselves, their global world, and how to be successful leaders. View select Trip Leaders biographies at the bottom of the "Our Team" page and keep reading to learn what being a Trip Leader has meant to our staff.

"In addition to the well-known benefits of education and intercultural exchange, Adz provides an opportunity for Japan's -- and possibly some of the world’s -- brightest and most curious students to go abroad and imagine life in a different country. I did not expect to meet such inspiring and intelligent young people. I was also delighted to witness their development throughout the program and to see how differently they viewed America by the end of the trip. It was clear that the trip made a strong impact on them."
- Trip Leader 2013 Osaka

"The responsibility that comes with introducing someone to a new part of the world is nothing short of a privilege. Working with the Adz Group and welcoming students from Japan's Fuji High School to Boston was a prime example of this. The program which the Adz Group staff structured and the well thought-out itinerary they planned, provided my group with a fulfilling experience that fostered respect, compassion and appreciation for the diverse cultural backgrounds that exist in our global community."
- Trip Leader 2013 Fuji

"After coming back from JET, working with Adz Group was a great way to reconnect with Japan. Seeing the kids outside the classroom setting was awesome, and watching even the shyest kids try to use English was icing on the cake. Over the course of just a couple of days, I still felt like I could bond with the students. I definitely recommend this to any JET alums."
- Trip Leader 2013 Fuji

"As a Trip Leader, I truly enjoyed working with students from my home country and found it very rewarding to see them to develop a new perspective as a global citizen. Those who I met through the Adz programs are all interesting and enjoyable to work with!”
- Trip Leader 2013 Gaiarec

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