Massachusetts Nonprofit Network Workshop

In March, we had the privilege of bringing Himeji Nishi High School on a visit to the Massachusetts Nonprofit Network (MNN). MNN works to connect, support and be the voice of the nonprofit sector in the state of Massachusetts.

At our visit, students learned about the nonprofit sector in Massachusetts. They were surprised to hear that nonprofit organizations can come in many shapes and sizes. A nonprofit organization be as large and intricate as an internationally renowned university, or as small as a few people who run an after-school program across the city.

After learning about various nonprofits and the work that they do in numerous fields, the Himeji Nishi students participated in a workshop where they worked in groups to create their own nonprofits. Each group received a different field to use as inspirations for their nonprofit, and after a group discussion were asked to present their nonprofit. This was a great exercise for the students to learn about how nonprofits are organized, how to address a problem facing society and wonderful presentation practice.

Below are videos of the students in action.

NPO Name: White Cross
Field: Health

Massachusetts Nonprofit Network Workshop Presentation - White Cross from Adz Group on Vimeo.

NPO Name: Delivering Lectures
Field: Education

Massachusetts Nonprofit Network Workshop Presentation - Delivering Lectures from Adz Group on Vimeo.

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