Adz Group Offerings

Adz Group is an International Travel Organization that specializes in Educational Experiences. We have a variety of programming that is certain to exceed your expectations.

We offer cultural immersion experiences to help develop you into a more globally conscious individual by showing you how others think, live and act.

Available in Multiple American Cities

.Adz Group has created the Future Global Leaders Program (FGLP) to teach students to be tomorrow's leaders in the global community. Students experience life at world-class American universities from private lectures to sports to meeting with local students who share their experiences and journeys at their respective school. In addition, students experience America's true culture including volunteering in local neighborhoods, attending community events, visiting local companies and museums. This program also pushes Japanese students to hone their English skills to become more confident in in their communication abilities.

Placements Available this Summer

ASE: The American Student Educators Program is a 4-6 week summer program in Japan. American university students from top tier universities travel to Japan as a team to teach Japanese middle school and high school students; help boost their confidence in English communication; expose them to a different style of learning and help to develop their critical thinking skills. In addition, university students speak about their experiences at their respective university giving Japanese students a taste of what it is like studying at an American university.

Now Celebrating 23 Years

Explore Japan is a series of 2.5 week homestay programs where local American students learn about the many facets of Japanese culture while hosting and spending time with visiting Japanese exchange high school students. In the mornings, Japanese students participate in ESL classes designed to help them interact and grow closer to their host families, while their host siblings learn about Japanese culture. In the afternoons, the Japanese students and local host students embark together on field trips and participate in fun activities.

Gain Confidence in Your Presentation Skills

Powerful Presentation Skills is an online course with a series of 10 video-based lessons, and online quizzes, in English, that address the challenges that Japanese students face in school, interviews and in other situations. Students will learn how to become a better presenter and communicator, in English, and will receive a personalized certificate at the end of the course. Students also have the option of utilizing one-on-one coaching. This course can be used in tandem with any of our other offerings, or as a stand-alone activity.

America's Premier Universities Tour

During Ivy League Explorer students will visit some of the most competitive and academically rigorous institutions of higher learning in the US. Each program offers students the opportunity to tour these campuses, meet with students and attend private lectures (only available at select universities). In addition, Adz Group can arrange for Japanese speaking university student guides, as well as bilingual Trip Leaders.

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