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    We take pride in our team because they genuinely care about international education and cultural exchanges. At Adz Group, you will have an engaging and rewarding career — whether you are a recent college graduate ready to start your life’s work or currently attending college and eager to find a part-time job that is rich with the promise of a bright future.

    Listed below are positions that are currently available.

    The Trip Leaders (TLs) are quite simply the glue that holds our cultural exchange programs together. They genuinely care about international education and cultural exchanges. TLs assigned to each program are not just tour guides. They have taught in other countries, have lived abroad, can speak other languages, has diverse background and professional experiences, and enjoy working with both students and professionals. They are invested in making sure that visiting groups have a once-in-a-lifetime experience in our programs.

    TLs are seen as a teacher, mentor and friend to the students while coordinating with other TLs. As TLs, they are to teach about the American culture and help to make every moment a learning moment for the students. TLs will lead 1 to 2 hours of informal discussions daily, supervise activities and chaperone the participants, ensure that every student is safe (both physically and emotionally), suggest program improvements wherever possible, and perform any other tasks necessary for the successful operation of the Program.

    Roles and Responsibilities

    • Ensure the overall quality, smooth execution and success of the program
    • Be responsible for a group of about 40-45 visiting students and 2-3 visiting teachers along with a fellow TL
    • Ensure that all stakeholders are happy with the program (students and teachers, fellow TLs, activity contacts, etc.)
    • Ensure a safe environment for all participants of the program (e.g. no jaywalking, etc.)
    • Be responsive to fellow TLs and Adz staff members. A communication protocol will be agreed upon
    • Be the main program contact whom the students and teachers will turn to when they have questions or problems
    • Be seen as an expert when navigating to each activity whether it’s walking from one location to another or taking the public transportation. A TL Guide and the itinerary will be provided to the TLs via email prior to arrival day.
    • Work with Adz staff to arrange, and/or confirm, some of the activities; including, but not limited to, museum tours, campus tours and bus transportation
    • Take photos and/or videos of program activities and share to Adz staff member
    • Participate in preparation discussions with Adz staff prior to the start of the program, and in feedback and debrief discussions with Adz staff after the program (may be done through email communications)

    We are looking for personable and energetic people interested in sharing their knowledge of the English language. ESL Teachers must be self-motivated and organized, and love working with international students.

    Depending on the program, you may need to create a customized curriculum on the certain topics or program's specific themes and mixing in some good hands-on exercises from your ESL experience. The purpose of the ESL classes is to improve the participants' day-to-day communication skills, prepare them students for their program activities and group/individual presentations, and “conversation with host families” for those participants who are staying in a homestay.

    Other requirements include:

    • Bachelor's Degree
    • At least one year of full-time professional classroom teaching. Tutoring and intern experience will not be substituted for classroom teaching experience
    • TESOL/TEFL certification strongly preferred, but may be substituted by additional years of classroom teaching experience
    • Must pass Criminal Background check

    We are looking for personable and energetic people interested in sharing their knowledge of the Japanese language and culture. Japanese Language and Culture Teachers must be self-motivated and organized, and love working with children ages 6-18.

    This position is a temporary or project-based role for the Explore Japan Program that runs annually in the summer (July to August). Since the summer program is NOT ran like an overnight camp, interested applicants must live in the same city where the program will be held.

    Japanese Language and Culture teachers will have two major responsibilities:

    • Teach Japanese Language and Culture classes - You will create a curriculum and deliver a series of workshops including language exercises, arts and crafts projects, calligraphy, cuisine, music, and other topics related to Japanese culture. We can provide you with a sample curriculum we have used to arrange 10 to 12 days of lessons and activities. Using your teaching experience, you will design appropriate and a more hands-on learning exercises and fun-based activities to make learning more effective. A student intern is typically assigned to work with you during the classes.
    • Act as a chaperone during field trip activities - In the afternoon, both the American students and the Japanese students embark on field trips together. Together with other teachers and staff, you are expected to act as chaperones to all student participants and to help keep all of the students organized during the field trip activities.

    Other requirements include:

    • Highly proficient in the Japanese language (both written and oral)
    • Must be knowledgeable with Japanese arts, crafts and culture
    • Must pass Criminal Background check
    • Preferably has classroom teaching experience
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