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    The American Student Educators (ASE) Program is a 4-6 week summer program in Japan. American university students from top tier universities travel to Japan as a team to teach Japanese middle school and high school students; help boost their confidence in English communication; expose them to a different style of learning and help to develop their critical thinking skills. In addition, university students speak about their experiences at their respective university giving Japanese students a taste of what it is like studying at an American university.

    Facilitate a Global Education for Japanese Students!
    Gain Teaching Experience Abroad!
    Make New Connections and Gain Cross Cultural Experience!

    Program Goals

    • To help Japanese middle and high school students practice their conversational English
    • To expose the Japanese students to the American style of learning and teaching
    • To give the Japanese students a taste of what life is like at an American University
    • To help Japanese students develop their critical thinking skills
    • To give American university students a chance to live and work in Japan and experience its culture
    • To provide American university students with an opportunity to impact young Japanese students
    • To give American university students a chance to act as American ambassadors

    Instructor Responsibilities

    The ASE Instructor is responsible for the instructional activities of this Program. With up to 8 teachers, programs generally have a very low student:teacher ratio of 8:1 or less to allow for meaningful interactions. American instructors will conduct seminars on topics of their choosing, lead communication classes and participate in panel discussions about what it is like studying at their school, where they are from etc.
    • Develop 2-3 seminars/lessons of their choosing to conduct for the participants
    • Implement the ESL Curriculum developed and provided by the program
    • Lead discussions in a relaxed setting daily
    • Be prepared to speak about their experience at their university
    • Supervise activities within their classroom
    • Any other tasks necessary for the successful operation of the Program
    • Review orientation materials that Adz Group provides prior to departure for Japan; participate in an in-person orientation in Japan

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    About Our Company

    We are a pioneer in the area of international educational travel. We provide participants with unique opportunities to not just learn about, but to truly experience other cultures so as to enrich them for life.
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    Sample ASE Instructors

    Tim from Boston University
    Mimi from Harvard
    Julie from Harvard
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