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    Become more globally conscious by experiencing how another culture lives, thinks and acts!

    Our Explore Programs (ExPs) help participants open their minds and hearts to a new lifestyle and become fully immersed in an American family. Students who experience different cultures grow to understand different points of view, expand their self confidence and have a greater comprehension of global issues.

    Program Overview

    The Explore Program (ExP) is a series of summer programs to promote a deep, personal cultural exchange between local and international students. The program is a fun way for students to learn about each other’s culture through cultural activities, workshops on languages and/or leadership-related topics, and fieldtrips to local historical places and points of interest. We currently offer Explore Programs in Boston and in Kenya.

    What Do You Get

    ExPs provide all participants with skills and understanding. Participants can expect:
    • To gain a better understanding of another culture through activities, field trips and homestay experience
    • To develop lifelong international friendships
    • To be exposed to and learn a new language and have the chance to participate in natural conversations with native speakers
    • To see new perspectives and be better equipped to understand and address cultural differences

    Explore Programs Today

    Since 1992, Explore Programs had been held in multiple locations around Boston, MA US. Adz Group acquired the program in October 2014. While we are currently working with primarily Japanese and American high school and university students, we are looking to expand into new markets beyond Japan.

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    About Our Company

    We are a pioneer in the area of international educational travel. We provide participants with unique opportunities to not just learn about, but to truly experience other cultures so as to enrich them for life.
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