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    Are you a school or travel agent interested in learning more about the Future Global Leaders Program (FGLP)? We can work with any school or agency to design, build and execute your program itinerary.

    While we are based in Boston and run a lot of Boston-based programs, FGLPs are also available in other U.S. cities such as New York City, Orlando, Washington D.C., San Francisco and Silicon Valley, and The Triangle in North Carolina to name a few. FGLPs can also be run in conjunction with our Ivy League Explorer Program. Sample FGLP Itinerary and activities are listed below.

    Program Overview

    The Future Global Leaders Program (FGLP) is a week-long program designed to teach international students to be tomorrow's leaders in the global community. Students experience life at world-class American universities from private lectures to sports to meeting with local students who share their experiences and journeys at their respective school. In addition, students experience America's true culture including volunteering in local neighborhoods, attending community events, visiting local companies and museums. This program also pushes Japanese students to hone their English skills to become more confident in in their communication abilities.

    FGLP Today

    While we are always looking to work with other countries, we are currently working with primarily Japanese and American high school and university students. As part of our emphasis on experiencing other cultures firsthand, we encourage our participants to first examine their own culture and how they are perceived in the globalized world. Are there more similarities or differences between these two cultures? Nothing will challenge your preconceived notions about your own culture, other cultures, and even yourself than learning abroad. We equip FGLP participants with as much information as possible to help facilitate these important questions. What do you think you know about Japan? Read more in "Cultural Differences Between the U.S and Japan." And what do you think you know about America? Read more in "American Cultural Traits, Values and Assumptions." Do you agree or disagree? Your FGLP trip will challenge you to reassess these assumptions and find your own place within the globalized world.

    Program Activities

    We can incorporate the following set of activities. All activities in each program are planned and executed with the purpose of promoting cultural exchange and intercultural dialogues, and increase awareness and understanding of different societal lifestyles, educational practices and work cultures.
  • English Language Activities
  • Academic Subjects and Leadership Classes
  • University Activities
  • Company/Lab Visits
  • Activities with Local Students
  • Museum Visits and Workshops
  • Cultural Activities
  • Other such as Guest Speakers, Free Time, etc.
  • Sample 8-Day Itinerary

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    We are a pioneer in the area of international educational travel. We provide participants with unique opportunities to not just learn about, but to truly experience other cultures so as to enrich them for life.
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