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    PPS: Powerful Presentation Skills

    Become a better speaker with Powerful Presentation Skills (PPS)

    Program Overview

    Powerful Presentation Skills (PPS) is an online course with a series of 10 video-based lessons and online quizzes. These lessons address challenges that ESL students face in school, interviews and other situations that require public speaking. Students will learn how to become better presenters and communicators in English. The videos are hosted by a professional conversation coach. One-on-one coaching is also available.

    Why Participate in PPS?

    By the end of this course, participants will:
    • Prepare better presentations and communicate in better spoken English
    • Be able to apply the characteristics of powerful stories to make your presentations more memorable
    • Understand the value of feedback and be able to identify your strengths and where you would benefit from improvement

    Who Should Participate?

    Japanese students who have a basic conversational level of English who want to increase their ability to communicate in spoken in English for their school assignments, admissions interviews at universities or for job interviews.

    Available PPS Lessons

    PPS Infogram
    1. The Power of Presentation Skills: How They Can Help in Your Life
    2. Audience Analysis
    3. Preparing Your Content
    4. Introducing Yourself or Your Topic
    5. Effective Body Language and Using Gestures
    6. Storytelling
    7. Effective Use of Visual Aids
    8. Handling Questions and Challenging Situations
    9. Presentation Situation Examples
    10. Learning from Others

    One-on-One Coaching Available

    Students can submit a video of themselves presenting and can then receive specialized one-on-one coaching in one of two ways:
    • Written feedback in English via email
    • Live feedback provided via 1-hour phone/video call

    +1 (617) 996 0622

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